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Best Kulcha in Amritsar

Aloo Kulcha, Veg Kulcha etc.

Every city in the world is famous for its heritage or its delicacies. And Amritsar has both of them. This city has a rich history associated with it and its food is also finger licking. The Amritsar has got a vast variety of food, from spicy and salty to sweet and tangy, both hot and cold, and you can eat here in Amritsar from morning to night. One can spend full whole long days tasting its flavors but then also won’t be able to taste everything.

Many types of foods are referred to as Amritsari food. One of the most famous food is Amritsari Aaloo da Kulcha. Amritsari kulcha is famous world over and there would be no one such person who ever visited Amritsar and never tasted this morning dish. Amritsar’s mornings start with the Aaloo stuffed kulchas served with chickpeas curry and dollop of butter on top with some onion, tamarind chutney. The kulcha is crispy from the outside with the stuffing of soft mashed potatoes mixed with some Indian herbs and spices inside. These are always served hot and they taste best when eaten immediately when taken out of the tandoor.

These kulchas are every amritsari’s favorite. These are not only favorite among Amritsar people but people over the world. There are many places in Amritsar where you can taste the kulchas. Few of the most popular places are:

  1. All India Famous Amritsari Kulcha
    Basant Avenue, Purani Chungi, Maqbool Road | Shop No 1Amritsar 143001, India
  2. Kulcha Land
    Opposite Hotel M.K., Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar.
  3. Monu Kulcha Hut
    Loharka Road, Amritsar
  4. Darshan Kulcha
    Opposite R.B. Estate Gate, Loharka Road, Amritsar
  5. Bhai Kulwant Singh
    Near Golden Temple
  6. Ashok Kulcha
    A- Block Market, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar.
  7. Harbans Kulcha
    Green Avenue, Amritsar.

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